Alan’s Superpower

For the last four years my role in Project Community has been to build and maintain the project web sites, as well as assisting with questions of Technology Stewardship. I live and work in the tiny town of Strawberry, Arizona (look it up, yes, it is a real place, Laura can confirm!).

I have worked 20+ years in educational technology, in hopefully helping people realize the potential of digital technologies as something to embrace and enjoy, rather than loathe. I build web sites, many in WordPress, code in PHP, and also teach and create digital media via a practice of digital storytelling.

Places you can find me include:

For another project I have been working with Nancy White, we’ve asked students to create a meme image to showcase their super power, what they bring to the team. Yes, I do bring tech and media skills, but my secret weapon? Not much of a secret.



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Barking about and playing around with web technology at On twitter @cogdog and flickr

One thought on “Alan’s Superpower”

  1. “Seek and Ye might find”… (look to the left if you hadn’t noticed it yet). That’s one of the reasons why I like this way of putting a course together. I’m forced to seek, because I WANT to find something (not because I have to)…


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