Laura’s Superpower

red rocks
In Red Rock country. Not so far from Alan’s house.

Has it really already been 4 years that we have been doing Project Community together? Last spring we saw the 2nd group of students graduate, so it must be true. We are in our 5th year at IDE.

From rock climbing & Windsurfing in the USA, to Diving, Snowboarding and Wakeboarding here in Holland, I am most happy if there is sunshine and a slight breeze. The beach could be called my home, but the Red Rock Country of Arizona sure makes a close 2nd!

I’m a sports instructor, a Landscape Architect and an Architect turned teacher when I finally started to practice what I had been preaching for years… to Follow your passion! Yes, I really love this job!

I’ve written 2 books on women in the building industry called “Building Passion” and anyone wanting a free copy only needs to ask. They tell the women’s stories of why they love what they do so much, and by doing so, encourage other women to go for those top jobs most often controlled by men.

Coordinating must be one of my “things” since you will find me coordinating a lot this year. It could also be because I am slightly a control freak (saying “slightly” is being nice to myself). Starting off with the Introduction Week, Project Community and the Mentor Coaching (all of you will be assigned to a mentor) and later on with Design Exploration, you’ll see me in Area51 quite a bit. Loving to coordinate only has drawbacks if there are too many things at the same time.

My Superpower? Lifesaving

superpower laura
The Lifesaving will be popping up once in a while in my role as coordinator and as mentor.

I’m not a softy or a pushover – I’m sweet, but can be as hard as Lifesavers rock candy 🙂


Published by

Laura Stevens

Senior Lecturer Industrial Design Engineering, PhD Candidate Biomimicry Education, Architect, Building Engineer and, Creative Director of Building Passion

One thought on “Laura’s Superpower”

  1. Come back to Arizona! There’s a lot more to see.

    We are of course excited to back for round four. I love the lifesavers metaphor for my own story. I am diabetic and as a kid I carried a roll of this candy for my low blood sugar emergencies. One time on a rafting trip in western Maryland, I needed them, and only found a soggy mess in my pocket (we were bad rafters). They still saved me.


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