Nancy’s Superpower

Nancy at Ignite Seattle C Morgen Schuler, used with permission

This is my fourth year with Project Community, having been brought in to help re-imagine the course with a strong emphasis on online communities and networks. You know, to mix things up a little bit. It has been fun to help evolve the course over the years. Even more fun has been watching people start with Project Community, and continue on through the program to do amazing things and GRADUATE!

My role in ProjComm, as we call it, is to be a resource to you as you explore how online communities and networks can be useful to you as designers, and to help you with your client work. I won’t be the one telling you what to do and how to do it. I’ll be waiting for you to come to me with good questions! Let’s talk!

I live in Seattle, Washington (the STATE, not DC), in the United States. I have two grown sons, two granddaughters and a FIERCE addiction to dark chocolate. But I DO share my chocolate.

I work mostly in international development doing all kinds of crazy things like facilitating meetings, supporting online learning and communities of practice, writing a book, doing graphic facilitation. Like I said, all kinds of things.

My superpower? Hm…tenacious connector!


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