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S K BeellaIt is my first year at the Hague University and definitely first time to experience the Project Community subject. I am very much looking forward to meet and work with all the enthusiastic and energetic students and as well the staff who are running this subject  with lots of success.

Who am I ? I am an Indian with study background in Industrial Design and Mechanical Engineering. I am a person who always keeps an interest in detail and that is what brings me to places. I have experience in working as a teacher, designer, researcher, reviewer and expert in the field of product design, sustainability and transportation design.

I love food, and I express it mainly by making it, talking about it and experimenting with it. I like to know people through their treatment and handling of food. There is also one more thing I want to talk about is cricket, the old colonial sport, and in modern times known as T20.

I am visible on social platforms like twitter, linkedin and facebook. Please do use #satbeella to tag me.

one last thing, I want to talk is about my superpower, i.e., finding logic. I look for it always and try to find insight into other’s logic as much as possible.



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Satish Kumar Beella

Lecturer Industrial Design Engineering at The Hague University, Expert on innovations at European Commission, Industrial Designer, Mechanical Engineer, Photographer and Cricket match official

4 thoughts on “Satish’s Superpower”

  1. Well Satish, you didn’t come across as a Mr. Spock concerning logic, but I think I can see that logical mind at work while you give those flavors more color. I’m looking forward to your feedback on my blogs, on this course (yes, please give me critical feedback) and on getting a delicious favorite recipe you have. My favorite is Ginger Chicken and hot ‘n spicy spinach with wild rice. Mouth’s just watering thinking about it.

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  2. A most excellent first blog post, Satish. We are going to have fun with this course, using all sides of all our brains.

    I consider cooking as not following recipes to the letter, but using them as a starting point (meaning I try silly things when I lack ingredients). My new thing is my sister visited and taught me how to make pizza dough, and I am making them on my barbecue grill.

    And I’ve had several friends explain cricket, and I still do not quite understand.

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  3. Thanks for the encouragement guys. I do like this space already a lot as you are started taking about food too 🙂
    When Laura talks about a dish comprises of different ingredients (chicken, ginger masala, Spinach, spicy and wild rice) reminds me the concept of Indian Thali (Mostly served at authentic Indian restaurants and Thali means plate in Hindi). The basic idea is to have six flavours sweet, salt, bitter, sour, sharp or astringent and spicy in one plate or say about 1200 calories intake. I always try to be stay basic at cooking and experiment with these mix of flavours.

    Alan, the best way to understand the game of cricket is to play the basic form of it with a tennis ball.

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