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I am Sebastiaan van den Elshout, but it’s a lot easier to call me Seb!

For years I’ve been working as a furniture designer and builder in my own workshop. I combined this with teaching design at the faculty of IDE at the TU in Delft. I have worked with bachelor and master students helping them gaining knowledge about and achieving skills in product design. In this field, I have a passion for practical problem solving and materializing these solutions. I love hiking and being in the wild. I can be a little picky on details sometimes.

A very important aspect of a good designer in my eyes is that she or he is able to kill darlings. Don’t be satisfied too soon with what you’ve come up with. Think further! As my superpower is asking through on your ideas, you might pity the loss of your beloved child at first. Soon to discover that it is the beginning of something even better!

Since this is my first year at Open Innovator and even my first blogging experience, I aspect to learn at least as much. I will meet you in the second week at the introduction of this subject, see you then!break some


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sebastiaan van den elshout

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5 thoughts on “Seb’s superpower”

  1. Yes, let’s break things! I too try to communicate that deleting can be a creative act (use of white space in design, black-out newspaper poetry, in fact I consider photography an act of deleting everything of the world except what is in your viewfinder).

    Off to a good start with the blog– a tip I will be writing up soon… when you upload images, try to use a big an image as possible (at least 1000px wide). WordPress is smart enough to generate smaller versions of the images that it needs. But when you add them to your posts, check the option for the size it chooses- the default is “medium” only 300px wide, which is pretty small. Aim for the next size up, either “large” or “original”

    Also there is something you see on my posts- the big image that fills the top. That you add via the “Featured Image” tool– it gets put atop your post but does not explicitly appear in the body of it. But it looks better.

    Knowing these things will help you coach your students.

    I look forward to seeing how you use your experience in furniture building as maybe a design thinking metaphor.

    Keep in blogging! And breaking the sites.


    1. Thanks for the advice! I adjusted the size of the picture and it does look better. I wanted to be modest, but I now see that is not necessary;-)

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  2. Great start, YAY, a Furniture designer! I didn’t know that yet. I have only Copied stuff so far (Piet Hein Eek)… Since I could make the same chair for €8. I didn’t Copy exactly of course, but saw the picture in the Volkskrant And said, “I can make that”… And did… To fit my own butt perfectly – now my favorite chair At the dinner table!
    I love the hands on feeling I got From your blog. And Beavers!!! Wonderful Animals. Ever seen a nest???
    Worth having patience To see!
    See you in the Gym NeXt week.


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