New horizon, new beginnings

This summer in Indonesia - my mother's country of birth
This summer in Indonesia – my mother’s country of birth

A big HELLO to all of you – new IDE students, Nancy, Alan and my fellow tutors of IDE!

My name is Marjanne and I am one of your tutors for project community. Besides that, in the first module you will see me in the role of coordinator of the course Personal Branding. I am looking forward to get to know you and learn about your personal drivers for becoming an industrial design engineer.

Who am I?
Besides being a family and fun loving person, a mom of two young kids and interested in traveling, arts and crafts, my main trade is developing new concepts. Together with my clients I create ideas for new products and services. Both for their current market and their future portfolio. This means exploring the market and future horizons, (technological) possibilities and experimenting a lot. A process that is always exciting, nerve-racking and wonderful. I love it.

memeTwo days a week, I enjoy working with a diverse, international crowd of talented people at IDE where I hope to bring experiences from the work field into the class room. Another thing I aim for when working with you guys, is to help you achieve things you didn’t know you were capable of. To push the envelope. To help you to surprise yourself. To use your talents and imagination to the max. To stretch your boundaries. For me, this is the core of continuous learning, and of innovation.

I try to stretch my own boundaries as much as I can too. Just giving it my best with my fingers crossed. I fail a lot too. Big and small. From an unsuccessful product introduction to an experiment-gone-terribly-wrong with a caramel dessert at my first family dinner with my new boyfriend. I’ll spare you the details, but the kitchen of my now mother-in-law never looked the same after that. They still make jokes about it. Fifteen years later.

Why would you take these small to larger risks? One the one hand, because the feeling of accomplishment when succeeding at something new is overwhelmingly satisfying. As in: “Wow, did I did really do that??” I wish you the same. On the other hand, take the advice of a dear friend of mine who passed away too early but whose wise words will always stay with me: “you know that you need to experiment more if you fail less than twice a year while trying out something new”.

So, what’s your failure-score so far this year?


5 thoughts on “New horizon, new beginnings”

  1. In awe while I watch this awesome koala At Work!
    A little surprise To the New kids on the block though, you probably won’t SEE her fail! She prepares And prepares, but only a select few have seen the rice on her wet MacBook 😉
    Enjoy being in her classroom!


    1. The #ProjComm15 cookbook has a high probability of being made. So many different cultures and food is definitely the ongoing conversation starter… Only the rice was to cure the damage, not the meat 😉


      1. Thanks Laura, you’ve got a point there… The experimenting often takes place behind the scenes. I should share the in between results and learnings some more!


  2. A big koala hello back to you, Marjanne, and I’m happy to see all of us lighting up the blog.

    Failure implies some preset measurable goal of achievement, and I cannot remember the last time I had to work under that kind of regime, so my failure score is N/A. As a human, I make mistakes, say the wrong thing, break things, forget things, mispell words (that was deliberate), and all of those, to me, pale in the light of making effort.

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