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Nancy and I are exploring ways for the #ProjComm15 to generate a community built resource. There are many ways to group curate content yet most involve asking you to Sign Up For Another Tool And Go There All The Time. We want to try something easier that works into the flow we are already asking you to do– use your ream blog.

When you find a resource really worth sharing, most typically people push it to a social media stream, our facebook group, maybe even twitter with our hashtag more or less saying “here is something neat”. That works if you happen to see it, but it just rushes on by.  We still encourage you to do this as a stream of raw information resource just include a #projcomm15 tag in it; it will flow into our tagboard.

But go one step farther. If the resource is really useful, write a short blog post on your blog. Make sure you add a tag (a box for tags is on the side of your composer and add the tag coolstuff (one word, no space), and any othe useful descriptor tags. When published, all of these post will show up on our site via Automatically. Without using another new tool.

When you blog, be sure to write more than “This is cool”. Explain why you chose it, what is its value/relevance to our community. Or maybe its an opinion you disagree with. Our resource collection is much more useful when you provide context.

So here is my attempt an an example.

Signal, Space, Structure: Designing for Communities of Interest (by Christina Xu

This article provides very practical suggestions for community building for a course in Entrepreneurial Design that seems similar to Project Community.


Whether it’s an invitation to an event, a call to action, a piece of art, or a literal flare, the signal is how you get the attention of the people you are trying to gather. Sometimes, it can also be a shibboleth to filter out who you don’t want, a way to indicate who the community is safe for and from.

I like how she describes signal as not having to be loud and attention getting, that often signals are small, but get amplified in the network “Whispering on an unoccupied but sought-out radio frequency can be much more effective than screaming at the top of your lungs on an occupied one.”

Read the rest of the article for her ideas on Space, Structure, and Scatter.. they are ideas that obviously come from experience.

 Top /  Featured Image Credit: Public Domain image from Wikimedia Commons — I found it by doing a Google Images search for “signal space structure” with the settings for “licensed for reuse” — one of the results was for a graph of analog signal that I almost used, but the link to the page had a better image of this old TV


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