Taggable Ideas

Another thing we should think about while blogging is using tags to organize and connect our content. Just open the TAGS & CATEGORIES box to the left. Categories are fixed organizers your blog steward set up to organize your posts. As soon as you click in the box, you can associate your post with one or more categories.

But tags are open ended. You can use it to connect posts across your site. So your group may agree upon comment sets of tags. And each tag becomes a URL on your own site to show all other posts with the same tags. So if you save a post about a video on crowdfunding, you might tag it coolstuff and crowdfunding. On your blog, the URLs http://xxxxxxx.wordpress.com/tag/coolstuff and http://xxxxxxx.wordpress.com/tag/crowdfunding  can display all posts with the same tags. Your site steward can then add these as links to your sites menu. Or look at the widget to add a Tag Cloud to the sidebar.

Because of the way we connect all Projcomm15 blogs, tags can work across all sites, so http://2015.projectcommunity.info/tag/coolstuff connects commonly tagged posts across all sites. Think about how you might use tags to connect ides and resources.

(I am writing this post to make a screenshot, but hey, might as well publish)

Top / Featured Image Credit: flickr photo by pseudoplacebo http://flickr.com/photos/pseudoplacebo/2788815398 shared under a Creative Commons (BY-SA) license

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