Every Blog Post Should Be Able to Stand Alone

When you are blogging about your projects, you are in the middle of a familiar forest of information. When you write your post, you may want to consider this question:

If this is the only blog post someone finds from our site, will they know what it is part of? What it refers to?

Your posts may show up on search results, shared through social media, maybe linked from a large international paper (think BIG). Look at your post- if it is the only thing a reader finds, will they understand what it is about? What it is part of?

Every blog post should be a stand alone island. It should stand alone and be able to be understood from it’s content.

Public Domain image from pixabay
Public Domain image from pixabay

This does not man you have to explain your project in every blog post. This is where a link is your friend.

If you refer to “our NGO” — will a reader know what that is? The easiest way is to make a link to something that represents your NGO. If you refer to “our last meeting” — will a reader know where that information is? link to another blog post that explains it.

You do not have to explain everything or link everything, but try to look at your blog post through the eyes of an unfamiliar reader.

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Featured image credits: flickr photo by piczoom http://flickr.com/photos/piczoom/4237330859 shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license


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2 thoughts on “Every Blog Post Should Be Able to Stand Alone”

  1. Oooh, yes, I would like to practice that linking and all so that each blog post may stand alone, as you picture it so nicely Alan! As I was talking to Shorty yesterday (https://www.facebook.com/shortystinyhousebuildandbeyond), she mentioned that she was getting a lot of enthusiasm from her student teams. I noticed that she is really involved in the Tiny House movement and found 2 relavant articles: http://sanford365.com/event/tiny-house-tour-and-building-discussion/ – which is an event I’ll just be a little too late for when I go there in October, and also: http://sanford365.com/event/tiny-house-tour-and-building-discussion/ – which is where they started out. Enjoy 😉


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