Collaboration + Communication = Cooperation

imageIn 2012 we started Project Community in this form and shape. We (I mean Nancy & Alan actually) made it visible. I was along for the ride and was way more Confusiastic than any of you possibly could have been even though I had already been working at IDE for almost a year.

Students were very worried for the first two weeks, and to be honest, so was I. Today I have the luxury of knowing it will all work out in the end. This year I have seen an exceptionally quick response and understanding of where we are going with this course and why it is so important to your future, not only here at THUAS, but after graduation as well.

“Be true to yourself and to your team”.
I have seen the teamwork and seen how last Wednesday in the IWF teams, the course guide was working (My goodness what a relief that was)… I saw the team leaders saying, “Okay STOP… Kill your Darlings, start over and take a new approach”.
I saw another role off filming an interview together, while yet another role was hard at work already starting to think about the video. All I can say about that is, make sure that what you are thinking about now, it still fitting to your NGOs goal.
Don’t jump quite yet to the solution, but make a “program of Requirements” first before the design…

In 2012, one of our students (who is not at IDE anymore, but was an amazing Italian blogger) posted this in her personal blog and I’d like to share this positive feeling:
– Positivity: Is there anything better than working in a friendly, relaxed, nice and funny atmosphere? Positivity is the key to success, I have no doubt about it. Truth is that in a positive environment everyone is more dedicated, active, creative and so on, and that’s because working doesn’t feel like working at all, but it feels like an opportunity to have a good time and learn something new. Positivity is the main reason why, this time, I’m not feeling like working by myself is way faster and way better than cooperation.


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Laura Stevens

Senior Lecturer Industrial Design Engineering, PhD Candidate Biomimicry Education, Architect, Building Engineer and, Creative Director of Building Passion

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