Satish’s Superpower

S K BeellaIt is my first year at the Hague University and definitely first time to experience the Project Community subject. I am very much looking forward to meet and work with all the enthusiastic and energetic students and as well the staff who are running this subject  with lots of success.

Who am I ? I am an Indian with study background in Industrial Design and Mechanical Engineering. I am a person who always keeps an interest in detail and that is what brings me to places. I have experience in working as a teacher, designer, researcher, reviewer and expert in the field of product design, sustainability and transportation design.

I love food, and I express it mainly by making it, talking about it and experimenting with it. I like to know people through their treatment and handling of food. There is also one more thing I want to talk about is cricket, the old colonial sport, and in modern times known as T20.

I am visible on social platforms like twitter, linkedin and facebook. Please do use #satbeella to tag me.

one last thing, I want to talk is about my superpower, i.e., finding logic. I look for it always and try to find insight into other’s logic as much as possible.