Seb’s superpower


I am Sebastiaan van den Elshout, but it’s a lot easier to call me Seb!

For years I’ve been working as a furniture designer and builder in my own workshop. I combined this with teaching design at the faculty of IDE at the TU in Delft. I have worked with bachelor and master students helping them gaining knowledge about and achieving skills in product design. In this field, I have a passion for practical problem solving and materializing these solutions. I love hiking and being in the wild. I can be a little picky on details sometimes.

A very important aspect of a good designer in my eyes is that she or he is able to kill darlings. Don’t be satisfied too soon with what you’ve come up with. Think further! As my superpower is asking through on your ideas, you might pity the loss of your beloved child at first. Soon to discover that it is the beginning of something even better!

Since this is my first year at Open Innovator and even my first blogging experience, I aspect to learn at least as much. I will meet you in the second week at the introduction of this subject, see you then!break some