Laura’s Superpower

red rocks
In Red Rock country. Not so far from Alan’s house.

Has it really already been 4 years that we have been doing Project Community together? Last spring we saw the 2nd group of students graduate, so it must be true. We are in our 5th year at IDE.

From rock climbing & Windsurfing in the USA, to Diving, Snowboarding and Wakeboarding here in Holland, I am most happy if there is sunshine and a slight breeze. The beach could be called my home, but the Red Rock Country of Arizona sure makes a close 2nd!

I’m a sports instructor, a Landscape Architect and an Architect turned teacher when I finally started to practice what I had been preaching for years… to Follow your passion! Yes, I really love this job!

I’ve written 2 books on women in the building industry called “Building Passion” and anyone wanting a free copy only needs to ask. They tell the women’s stories of why they love what they do so much, and by doing so, encourage other women to go for those top jobs most often controlled by men.

Coordinating must be one of my “things” since you will find me coordinating a lot this year. It could also be because I am slightly a control freak (saying “slightly” is being nice to myself). Starting off with the Introduction Week, Project Community and the Mentor Coaching (all of you will be assigned to a mentor) and later on with Design Exploration, you’ll see me in Area51 quite a bit. Loving to coordinate only has drawbacks if there are too many things at the same time.

My Superpower? Lifesaving

superpower laura
The Lifesaving will be popping up once in a while in my role as coordinator and as mentor.

I’m not a softy or a pushover – I’m sweet, but can be as hard as Lifesavers rock candy 🙂


Nancy’s Superpower

Nancy at Ignite Seattle C Morgen Schuler, used with permission

This is my fourth year with Project Community, having been brought in to help re-imagine the course with a strong emphasis on online communities and networks. You know, to mix things up a little bit. It has been fun to help evolve the course over the years. Even more fun has been watching people start with Project Community, and continue on through the program to do amazing things and GRADUATE!

My role in ProjComm, as we call it, is to be a resource to you as you explore how online communities and networks can be useful to you as designers, and to help you with your client work. I won’t be the one telling you what to do and how to do it. I’ll be waiting for you to come to me with good questions! Let’s talk!

I live in Seattle, Washington (the STATE, not DC), in the United States. I have two grown sons, two granddaughters and a FIERCE addiction to dark chocolate. But I DO share my chocolate.

I work mostly in international development doing all kinds of crazy things like facilitating meetings, supporting online learning and communities of practice, writing a book, doing graphic facilitation. Like I said, all kinds of things.

My superpower? Hm…tenacious connector!

Alan’s Superpower

For the last four years my role in Project Community has been to build and maintain the project web sites, as well as assisting with questions of Technology Stewardship. I live and work in the tiny town of Strawberry, Arizona (look it up, yes, it is a real place, Laura can confirm!).

I have worked 20+ years in educational technology, in hopefully helping people realize the potential of digital technologies as something to embrace and enjoy, rather than loathe. I build web sites, many in WordPress, code in PHP, and also teach and create digital media via a practice of digital storytelling.

Places you can find me include:

For another project I have been working with Nancy White, we’ve asked students to create a meme image to showcase their super power, what they bring to the team. Yes, I do bring tech and media skills, but my secret weapon? Not much of a secret.


We Blog Therefore We Are

If we ask students in 2105 Project Community to blog their course progress it is only fitting that the faculty blog as well. So that is what will happen here, taking one step at a time.

That first step is setting up a blog on, but even before that, your team should develop its own team name and work that into both what will be the title of your blog (“Team 5 Blog” is… well dull)  and the web address, e.g.

The team Technology Steward should take care of setting up the blog and inviting the other users to join it as authors. A few other set up items that will be shared include a list of starting categories to oprganize your posts.

More to come!

Image Credit: flickr photo by Champion of Cheese shared under a Creative Commons (BY-NC-ND) license