Getting Anxious About Getting Your Team Tasks Done? GTD

A good friend pointed out this PDF about workflow from the folks at Getting Things Done. You might find it useful!

Advanced Workflow (PDF)



Culture Map

While we have moved on from our “team” week, team dynamics will be important all the way through Project Community. My friend Dave Gray has been working on a Culture Map and just put out his next iteration. As you work with your clients, you may find this VERY useful particularly as you think through projects that have social media interactions as part of your plans. Check it out.

Resources from Stanford Social Innovation Review

Fall 2015 Edition of SSIR

I had a hangout at 6am today with the Tiny Innovators. I noticed one of their ideas builds on the idea of social entrepreneurship, and social innovation. In  essence, your projects are examples of social innovation. Did you know that? So it might be useful to get to know the Stanford Social Innovation Review. It is full of examples and ideas.

I just clicked into one article to see if I could find something of use to you and boom, there it was, “Lending an Ear to Loan Beneficiaries” about listening to your clients.

Here is a snippet of one article I was skimming this morning:

So we reached out to Joe Stasio, a marketing professor at Merrimack College. He told us something we thought we already knew: listen to our clients. The concept is an established one; the New York Times just ran a great piece about it. But here’s the thing: We hadn’t ever really processed the fact that when it comes to customer research, there’s often a big gap between understanding the intent and implementing the practice effectively.

In fact, we thought the kind of customer research we could afford wasn’t the kind that could help us. We had, in the past, tried hard to put ourselves in the shoes of those we serve—when we were struggling to design marketing campaigns, launch new products, and build community partnerships—with mixed results at best. No matter how hard we tried, we were far more biased toward our own perspectives than those of our clients.

As you interview and develop/share initial ideas with your clients, how well are you listening? What listening approaches are you taking? Check out the article for ideas.